About Edward

Edward Jerome Gordon (born September 22, 1964 in Redding, California) is an American poet and author. His works include: Vital Architecture and the New Design of Happiness (XYSTUM, 2001), Caretakers of Eternity (Black Spirit Publishing, 2011), The Veridican Gospel of Jesus Christ (Black Spirit Publishing, 2012), Tarot the Dark Art ((Black Spirit Publishing, 2017), Discovering Your Psychic Self (Black Spirit Publishing, 2017), and his collection of poetry: Riverside (Black Spirit Publishing, 2018).

He graduated from Regent’s College in New York in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts, and went on to become a registered nurse in 2004 after finishing nursing school in southern Mississippi. He currently works as an emergency room nurse in New Orleans.

During the 1980’s (1982-1990), while serving in the United States Air Force as an Aircraft Electrician, Edward Jerome lived in the United Kingdom where he met his first wife, Julie Ann Wilson. They were married less than three years, but had one daughter together, Rebecca, in 1985. Rebecca remains his only child. She lives in England with her husband John and their four sons.